I am extremely humbled and grateful to be a part of your journey. Once you work with me, you are not just another client. You are a part of the V Spa Family. Check out some of the compliments they are sharing:

“Veronica has strong little healing-hands with laser guided power right into your knots, boulders and tension issues. You come out of a massage from her feeling peaceful, relaxed, loose and ready to take it all on again. She has a natural grace, intelligence, and soothing demeanor that makes the whole experience sublime. Not just anyone can come into your home and transform it into a spa oasis. She really is the best in town.”
-MARK CRONIN, Co-Founder, 51 Minds Entertainment/ Owner, Little Wooden Boat Productions

“I had a regular masseuse for a long time who retired, and Veronica has taken over and continued my well being in every way. I like her professional approach to each session before the fact and how she takes care of my specific requests. I would for sure recommend Veronica.”
-PETER BENEDEK, Owner/Founder, United Talent Agency

“Since working with Veronica, I notice I’m not constantly sore or on the edge of being periodically debilitated. I feel better physically so I feel better mentally. V Spa has an easy to use website for scheduling thus avoiding random and time consuming emails/text/etc. I have recommended Veronica frequently and always get a positive response. She is reliable, caring, easy to be with and excellent technically. She is good at fixing specific problems and also providing a general sense of comfort and relaxation. She listens and responds to concerns and direction. I never feel she is going through the motions.”
-KENNETH AUGUST, Media and Entertainment Attorney/Consultant

“Where do I begin to tell you about how wonderful Veronica is. She doesn’t just massage, she truly heals your body from the inside out! She is very knowledgeable about the human body and takes great care to make sure you are comfortable. She is so much more than just a massage therapist. She is indeed a healer and I feel very blessed to have Veronica as a part of my life. I cannot recommend her enough.”
-SANDRA RABBIN, Operations Manager, Win Forever Consulting

Since getting routine massages with Veronica, I find it imperative to the start of my work week. V Spa’s services are reliable, trusting and overall offer an amazing therapy session. I am very happy with V Spa. We have been clients for almost 3 years!”
-LISA LOPEZ CRONIN, Executive Talent Producer, Little Wooden Boat Productions

“I have used the services of many massage therapists over the years, some bad, some good, some great. I was referred to Veronica with rave reviews in the summer of 2011. I needed someone extraordinary, as now I was dealing with a body riddled with cancerous tumors. I gave Veronica a call and we set our first appointment. It is now January 6, 2013. I am doing well. I have used Veronica’s services many many times in the past months. My sister’s rave reviews were a bit understated, as it turns out. Veronica is a true healer, not just a great massage therapist. She brings a well-developed skill set, and she also brings a well-developed heart and a deep caring for her clients. She has done research about my condition, on her own and without my asking, in order to better serve me. When I receive a massage from Veronica, I always have the feeling she was incarnated just to do this, and just for me. That’s how special she is, and I special I feel with her. She is an angel, a healer, and true human being. I recommend her with all my heart.”
-ROBERT RABBIN, Author/Speaker/Advisor

“Veronica was referred to me by people I trust. I like everything about V Spa…Veronica is everything I hoped for in a massage therapist. She is professional, organized, reliable, clean, kind and lovely. I absolutely recommend her. She has a great touch which is seamless and I become relaxed the minute she begins.”

“Veronica is by far one of the best massage therapists I’ve had. She has a very calming energy that just makes your experience even better. She is very professional, clean, and accommodating. I was on hospital bed-rest for 3 months and she came to the hospital and was easily able adjust her massage under the circumstances. I would highly recommend Veronica to anyone. It’s great because now I can enjoy an amazing massage in the comfort of my own home.”

“Veronica is amazing! I have trouble with my shoulders and wrists, and every time I see Veronica, I feel tremendously better. I cannot recommend her enough.”

“My Mother suggested that I have Veronica give me a massage as my birthday present. I never say no to a massage. I was so pleasantly surprised by Veronica. She is well-trained, thorough, respectful and worked all of the stress out of my neck and shoulders. She reminded me without saying a word to look after myself and that massage is healing and good for the spirit. I look forward to her next visit!”

“Veronica was recommended to me on Facebook. I have never had a massage and my first was a deep tissue massage given to me by Veronica. She is very professional and courteous. Answered all my questions and administered the most relaxing massage I could have imagined. Being that it was a deep tissue massage I thought it would be uncomfortable, not at all. Some of my muscles were a little sore after the massage which was expected but it was a good feeling. I would highly recommend using Veronica’s services as I will in the near future.”

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