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Veronica Acebedo is a California certified and New York licensed massage therapist. She’s been a member of the professional massage industry for over a decade. However, she first started massaging when she was about 9 years old giving shoulder rubs and hand massages to friends and family in exchange for nothing but a smile. She was a little healer in the making becoming the go to person who made others feel better.

After years of dealing with post-traumatic stress from childhood abuse, massage therapy allowed her to find a sense of peace that had been missing. Through her work, she’s been able to heal her own body, mind, and spirit. The experience and knowledge gained have taught her to manage the physical and emotional effects of trauma and stress. She wishes to share this gift by educating others and providing a healing therapeutic massage experience to each human being.

In 2005, she was introduced to the professional world of massage therapy. Trained at Helma Institute of Massage Therapy in New Jersey, the heart and talent of her teachers turned her into the healer she is today. Since her training days, she has been lucky enough to work with some of the most renowned spas in the country including Agua Spa at the Delano Hotel in South Beach and Burke Williams in Los Angeles.
She started V Spa with the dream of one day opening a fully functioning spa that will also be the go to place to make people feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually. In the meantime, every dream starts somewhere and hers starts right here.