They Thought I Was Going To Be A Nun

True Story! I grew up in Catholic school and I was so good at being a Catholic student, my family thought I was going to grow up to be a nun. I never really thought so myself, but religion was my favorite class. I loved everything about it and I was in awe of nuns and the Catholic sisters in my school.

What I loved about religion class itself were the Bible stories. I was obsessed with reading, in general, and biographies were my absolute favorite type of stories. Well…the Bible is full of biographies!

I was also drawn to Mother Teresa and her benevolence. I liked helping people and had a hard time saying no when someone needed a favor. Something that would frustrate my poor parents as that usually meant more work for them to help me complete the extra tasks I’d take on.

As you know, I did NOT become a nun. I learned a lot from Catholic school, but I was also a curious kid. After Catholic school, I studied religion in general and realized that most doctrines teach the same principles and one is not necessarily better than another.

At the core, it’s about spirituality and spirituality is what YOU make it. We each decide for ourselves what feels good in our hearts. In general, I do feel it’s good to believe in SOMETHING, whether it’s a God, a few gods, a higher being, a universal power or energy. Faith gives us hope and carries us through our best and worst times.

Now, I’ve seen many people throughout my adult life conflicted over their spirituality, because they begin to question the religion they were raised in. My answer to that is that if you try to live your life being a good person and consciously work on doing as much good in your world as you can then you’re on a great path no matter how you decide to define spirituality for yourself.

This is what drew me into a career in massage therapy. It is a career path that dedicates itself to helping others and bringing as much good as possible into the lives of my clients. It may not make me Mother Teresa, but there’s still something very spiritual in that. That’s a small piece of how I define my own spirituality.

I would love to hear in the comments how you define your own spirituality? What does it mean to your overall well-being?