Hey Jude…From V Spa

When I decided to relaunch the new V Spa, I made a promise that I am happy and honored to keep. It is part of V Spa’s commitment to help improve global health for everyone especially children who are in need of it. Therefore, as I had promised, 10% of sales each month will be going to a children’s charity. For the month of June, I chose to send the donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital because it has always been one of my personal dreams to support this wonderful center. The work they do and the little lives they work so hard to save is nothing short of miraculous. It is an absolute honor for me to announce V Spa’s very first donation came to a total of $120.85. June Donation I’m very proud of this number and so thankful to all the clients who helped make it happen. I have decided to keep St. Jude as the recipient for July’s donations. As V Spa continues to grow, I look forward to seeing the donation amounts grow as well. So let’s work together to make this happen. Share this news with your friends and family. Let’s get as many people as we can to join us on this journey. Stay healthy and blessed on this holiday weekend. Happy 4th of July!

Do you have any children’s charities that you love and support? Write it in the comments below. I would love to hear about your favorites.