Self-Massage: Feet

Summer is officially here. This means vacations, family trips, amusement parks, etc. All which require lots and lots of walking. Just thinking about it makes my feet ache. Picture it: You’ve been walking all day taking in the new city, taking the kids from one Disney World ride to another, or buying knick knacks around the Caribbean island. You get back to your hotel or rental home and take your shoes off and feel every inch of your foot sighing in relief with each stretch. You throw yourself on the bed exhausted wishing someone would swoop in with a magical foot massage session. Unfortunately, no one swoops in and you go to bed only to repeat the cycle for the next 3…5…7 days and nights.Self-Massage Foot If you don’t have the chance (or the budget) to sneak in a spa or reflexology session, you may want to include one more small item in your luggage as your packing…a trusty little tennis ball. This tennis ball will be your best friend for the next few days. All you need to do is roll it for 5-10 minutes under each foot before bed. This will allow for you to get a much more restful sleep and wake up ready to tackle the next day’s ventures. It’s a quick remedy to help you make the most of your trip until you can make it home to your favorite massage therapist. Enjoy your summer and remember to keep well hydrated through the heat!

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