3 Quick Weekend Getaways

In today’s rollercoaster economy and rising prices, it can be difficult to take as many vacations as we would love to. However, it is still important to take some time to refocus your mind, body, and spirit. Let’s face it…life can get just a tad bit crazy in just one week. The stresses of work, school, relationships, family (the list can go on!) can all take a toll on us. You may not be able to go to Hawaii or Mexico or the Bahamas this weekend, but there are still ways that you can create a mini getaway for yourself right here at home.

    1. Do one thing that you love but haven’t done in a really long time. Are you a dancer but been so busy lately you haven’t even had a chance to even do a stretch? Do you love nature but you’ve been stuck inside your office for days or weeks with a project? Love sports but you haven’t picked up a ball in months? Well, this is your weekend to get back into it. Take a class or get a group of friends to join you for a hike or a quick game. Whatever your something is, I promise you it will be a rejuvenating experience. It will put that pep back in your step in no time.
    2. Turn everything off (including your cell phone) and dip yourself in a warm, soothing bath. Make it extra special with your favorite essential oils or scented epsom salts or bubble bath liquids. Include a face mask if you want to treat yourself to a mini-facial. Light some scented candles for even more aromatherapy benefits. Your plan is to take some time off to unplug from the rest of the world.
    3. Get a massage. Take your beauty sleep to the next level with a 90 minute massage right in your home. Don’t deal with traffic or parking drama. Forget about hair, makeup, or picking out an outfit just to step out of your house. Have the massage come to you! Can it get any easier or relaxing than that?!

Want to go all out? Take one day to do all three. Start your day off with your activity, come home to your massage, and end your day with a warm bath right before bed. You will feel completely replenished and ready to start your new week. So now try one or all three and come back and let us know about your mini getaway in the comments below. Have a blessed and relaxed weekend!