Wash That Back Pain Away

Water PostThe human body is made up of approximately 70% water. Our muscles alone are 75% water. The intervertebral discs that cushion your spinal vertebrae are mostly made of water. As you can see, our bodies are mainly WATER! So when it comes to back pain, water is your best friend. If you already have back pain, water consumption will help your body heal faster. If you don’t have back pain, water is your key to prevention.

In order for the spine to support the pressure of gravity and everything else we throw upon it, it needs to have plenty of water. You can think of the discs as sponges. They absorb water constantly. They feed off of the water you consume on a regular basis. If the sponge is dry and dehydrated, then it won’t be soft and flexible. There will be no cushioning between your vertebrae, and in time the vertebrae will begin to grind against each other. This leads to nerve compressions and pinched nerves. However, if the sponge is moist, it will remain soft and flexible and provide a cushion effect between the two vertebrae. It will be able to protect the bones and all structures surrounding it.

The muscular system also needs water to maintain it’s flexibility. Without water in our systems, muscles begin to dry up and tighten much like a sponge again. When a sponge is wet, it is flexible and can withstand a lot of twisting and pulling. Your muscles need to have that ability to stay healthy. If your muscles are dehydrated, you start to experience muscle tension, cramps, aches, soreness, etc. They start to lose their flexibility and the chances of an injury double.

So the next time, you start to feel that pain coming for a visit, pick up that water and DRINK UP! Wash that pain away, baby. A good rule of thumb I like to follow is calculating your water consumption by dividing your weight in half. So if you are a 140 lb. female, you should try to drink 70 oz of water a day. That’s about four and a half 16oz bottles. If you are a 200 lb. male, that would mean approximately 100 oz of water (just over six 16oz bottles) a day is best. Go ahead and try it. Your body will love you for it. AND…it will make your massages much more effective!

Do you drink water regularly? Or do you suffer from water-phobia much like I used to many years ago? Share your experiences below.