The Power of Touch


If you’ve been on V Spa’s Facebook page lately, you may have noticed the last few posts have been about the power of touch. Touch is a form of communication so powerful that in some instances it has saved lives. Kangaroo care is a form of touch therapy used for premature babies. The skin to skin contact between mother and baby releases oxytocin in the preemie allowing the for a sense of safety and security. This touch creates an instant connection between mother and child with a transfer of energy, love, and warmth.

Even as children, our parents’ touch is vital to our sense of stability and understanding of communication. Before we develop speech, we communicate through touch. This communication continues as we get older and form relationships (friendship and romantic).  Everyone craves some kind of human touch and interaction for survival. Without it, studies have shown a lack of social and psychological development. Therefore in a society where unsafe and inappropriate touch have become more prevalent, it is ever more important to teach the importance of safe and loving touch through massage. The benefits of touch therapy are endless because the power of touch is infinite.