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Hi, I’m Veronica. Bi-coastal licensed massage therapist, breathwork guide, and survivor.  

Through my injuries and struggles with depression and anxiety, I realized the resulting common denominator of all types of pain is hopelessness. You question your health, your quality of life, and the possibility of ever being free of pain. My mission is for V Spa to be a guide on your journey towards total healing. A spa not just for your body but also for your heart and mind. Through massage, self-care and stretching techniques, we (you and I together) will heal your body from physical injuries and pain. Through breathwork and a variety of mental and emotional self-care techniques, we can heal your heart and mind.

The death of my best friend and the experience of sexual abuse all during childhood marked what would become a challenging transition from childhood into adulthood. I spiraled into episodes of depression and anxiety but found solace in psychology and massage therapy to heal my mind and my body. My decade plus as a dancer fueled my knowledge and respect for the miracle of the human body. Unfortunately, that didn’t exempt me from accidents and injuries that have resulted in chronic back pain from my neck down to my hips. If the words ‘sciatic pain’ hit you at the core than you know the kind of pain I’m speaking of. Finding breathwork meditation was the final piece to the puzzle that I had been searching for my whole life. I was finally able to heal not just my body and mind but also my heart! 

Whether you’re struggling physically, mentally, or emotionally, never be afraid to reach out for help because reaching out takes courage. YOU can be in control of your healing! Be your own hero and create the magic formula that will get you the healing that YOU need.


Find your true sense of freedom simply by using a breathing exercise that will pull you into a deep meditative state. 

This is NOT your regular meditation!

Who Is

Breathwork meditation is for you if you are:

  • Feeling a lack of mental clarity and focus 
  • Overwhelmed by all the moving pieces life is throwing your way
  • Wanting to boost your inspiration levels
  • Looking to heal old wounds and build self-confidence
  • Struggling with self-doubt and indecision
  • Feeling stagnant in your life and just need something to change!

Breathwork is going to heal you from the inside out. It will catapult you into deep personal transformation and shift your mindset by allowing you to push past fears that have kept you from fulfilling your dreams and goals.

As you drop into your heart and get to the source of your pain, you will find yourself thinking clearer than ever before, your confidence to pursue your goals will grow and you will begin to attract more positive energy in your life.




Starts at just $30


V Spa brings the healing power of massage therapy directly to you while prioritizing your safety and comfort.  

Who Is
Mobile Massage

Mobile massage is for you if you:

  • Want to get massages more regularly but can’t seem to get yourself to the spa 
  • Are in too much pain to make it to the spa
  • Prefer natural solutions for pain but it’s hard to find a massage therapist you trust
  • Don’t want to be rushed in and out of your session
  • Want your therapist to take the time to listen to your needs and concerns 
  • Want to roll off the massage table and straight into your bed for a nap or full night of rest!

V Spa cares about YOU!

Your health, your comfort, and your safety are my top priorities. When you book a massage with me, I’m not rushing you through the process. I take time to listen to your needs and concerns. Then, we make a plan to address your issues.

During the massage, my goal is to be detailed and get to the source of your pain. Afterwards, I’ll review some self-care suggestions that will promote faster healing between visits.

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Mobile Massage?



Starts at just $145

Existing Clients


The Total Breakdown Series is made up of one live 8 week program and two online programs designed to breakdown everything you need to find healing inside and out. 


Total Body Breakdown LIVE

Los Angeles Only

A live 8 week program for Angelenos that creates a personal and indivualized healing protocol for chronic muscular pain issues.
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Total Body Breakdown

Online Program

An 8 week program that breaks down the tools for managing life with chronic pain.
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Total Heart Breakdown

Online Program

An 8 Week Program that breaks down the tools for managing the mental and emotional stress of living with depression and anxiety.
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